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Halloween, but make it beautiful - from Sussex wedding photographer

This time of year the dark side dominates but for this Halloween Photoshoot in Sussex we decided to keep it beautiful and bring an ethereal edge to our gorgeous model by elevating the makeup and looks to suit the locations we chose in the autumnal East Sussex countryside.

ethereal wedding photography make up

As the light came through the trees this was the perfect moment to capture and elevate the amazing make up artistry which was designed to look striking in both colour and monochrome

monochrome wedding halloween

model in the woods for halloween bridal photoshoot

The aim of this shoot was to be unique and to show that even the darkest of seasons can be made beautiful with a collaboration of talented creatives.

Styling was important for this shoot as was the tone and makeup look. If anybody is familiar with my work then you will know how much I love to use and maximise the natural light in my photoshoots.

ethereal girl in black standing in woods

halloween bridal portraits

ethereal girl looking in the mirror

model in roots of tree halloween photoshoot

Using the reflector to bounce the light back into our model's face resulted in one of my favourite images from the shoot.


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