Bit of a heartbreaker but just wanted to share a beautiful moment I had on my way to my studio this weekend.

As I walked down the garden this simple feather stopped me in my tracks. It had landed and embedded itself just outside my studio in the position you see now. Not something I see every day.

This really meant something to me as 5 years ago to the day my gorgeous Mum saw a feather, just like this, from her window as she lay in St Wilfrids Hospice fighting for her life. She said to me, "when that feather blows away.. its my time to go.." Something I will never forget (and needless to say I asked the gardener to cement it in!)

Its the little things in life after someone you miss so much has gone. This to me was a spine tingling sign that she is always with me and sent me the strength I really needed.

Keep looking around you people.. this world is a beautiful and mysterious place where messages and answers may not always be obvious. xxx

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